Konica Minolta Zoom 130C Date
Konica Minolta Zoom 130C Date
Konica Minolta Zoom 130C Date
Konica Minolta Zoom 130C Date
Konica Minolta Zoom 130C Date
Konica Minolta Zoom 130C Date
Konica Minolta Zoom 130C Date
Konica Minolta Zoom 130C Date
Konica Minolta Zoom 130C Date
Konica Minolta Zoom 130C Date

Konica Minolta Zoom 130C Date

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  • Konica Minolta Zoom 130C Date 35mm film camera
  • Instruction booklet
  • Konica Minolta case
  • Strap
  • CR123A battery
  • Roll of Kodak Colorplus 200 (may vary due to availability)

CONDITION:  Pre-owned. Film tested and fully working. Excellent condition, with normal signs of light use. Nine photos from the test roll (taken with Kodak Portra 160) can be viewed in the images.

MORE ABOUT THIS CAMERA:  Released in 2003, the Konica Minolta Zoom 130C Date is quite modern for a film camera and takes impressive photos, especially at night with the flash. Although it doesn't have standout specs (f/5.4 - f/12.5 aperture lens), some of these more modern point and shoots had the ability to perform very well despite that fact. It does however also have some specs that are noteworthy, such as the shutter speed range which is 4 sec - 1/500, putting it up there with some of the top point and shoots. The zoom also offers a great range of focal lengths from 38mm up to 130mm, and the autofocus can focus on subjects as close as 0.7 meters away. Handy features include focus lock, infinity focus mode, a self timer, and red-eye reduction on the flash. Whilst it does offer a few options, it is also very much an automatic camera which you can just turn on and start shooting on the default settings. The Zoom 130C Date will automatically read the DX codes on your film (from 25 ISO up to 3200 ISO) and will determine the correct exposure settings for you and it usually gets it pretty spot on most the time - even when the flash is involved (which is something some film cameras struggle with). It also has a tripod socket underneath, which is a great feature for a camera with a large zoom and we often utilise this to get a steady photo when the zoom is extended. It runs off one CR123A battery which are relatively affordable and readily available at camera stores, supermarkets, service stations and the like. Before the Konica Minolta merger in 2003, this model was sold as the Minolta Zoom 130c, which was the exact same camera just without the date stamp feature. Our personal view on this camera is that it takes charming photos - especially in relation to the colours it manages to capture, which are both quite natural yet vivid, creating a strikingly nostalgic and defining look to the photos. We also like its capabilities, and where it lacks in the aperture specs is not something that bothers us at all. We would suggest if you're looking for a camera with a wide aperture (some of the top models offer f/2.8 or f/2.4 or even f/2.0) or if you are strongly wanting a camera without a zoom, then the Zoom 130c is not for you. And for everyone else, its quite likely this is exactly the type of film camera you will fall in love with.

LENS:  Konica Minolta lens (4 elements in 4 groups)
FOCAL LENGTH:  38mm - 130mm
APERTURE:  f/5.4 -  f/12.5
SHUTTER SPEED:  1/500 sec - 4 sec
DX READING:  25 ISO - 3200 ISO
FLASH:  Auto (with fill-flash, flash cancel, night portrait, and landscape/night view modes)
FILM ADVANCE/REWIND:  Auto advance / auto rewind (and forced rewind button)
POWER SOURCE:  1x CR123A battery

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